Austin Gideon Adobasom-Anane

PhD Public Health Fellow/Graduate Research Assistant

Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR)

(Kumasi, Ghana)

Adobasom-Anane Gideon Austin Austin is a passionate snakebite champion, advocate and researcher with a background in community health and development with over 10 years of experience in health research, snakebite research and advocacy, community engagement, & project management. Austin was the foundation Head of Department of the Community Health Department of the College of Health-Yamfo (2015-2020).

Austin holds an MPhil. Community Health & Development, and is currently a PhD student at the School of Public Health, KNUST being sponsored as a Research Fellow with the Global Health and Infectious Diseases Research Group (GHID) at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in tropical medicine (KCCR).

Austin's Blog Post

Snakebite deaths and disability in my family called me to action

I am a global health researcher from Ghana and the principal investigator of the Hamish Ogston Foundation and Global Snakebite Initiative 2020 Education small snakebite grant project, titled “Community Engagement...

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