Mawuli Leslie Aglanu

Research Fellow

Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR)

(Kumasi, Ghana)

As a PhD student and research fellow in global health, I aim to promote a more sustainable human-snake interaction within a shared environment utilizing a One-Health approach. Snakes have been identified as one of the prime enemies of humanity over the ages. It is time to debunk myths about snakes, especially in rural communities where human-snake conflict is prevalent. Snakes are not our enemies, rather we need to learn to cohabit by preserving their habitat while taking precautions to avoid bites.

Using a goniometer to measure functional limitation as a long-term effect of snakebite.

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Leslie's Blog Post

Traditional healers can contribute to improve health outcomes of snakebite victims.

Blog: Snakebite is a disease that leaves significant sequelae and many cases go unnoticed because they do not result in fatal consequences. In tropical rural regions where more than 95%...

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