Kevin Arbuckle

Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology

Swansea University

(Swansea, Wales (UK))

My research interests focus on the factors that influence the evolution of biodiversity. I primarily use phylogenetic comparative methods to investigate the causes and consequences of two types of diversity: species richness and the diversity of (e.g. behavioural) traits possessed by species. The traits I am most interested in are toxic weaponry of animals such as venoms and poisons. Although broadly interested in the behavioural ecology and (macro)evolution of animals, especially snakes, my focus on venomous animals has more recently led to an applied streak to my research using my expertise to prevent venomous snakebite in (and with) vulnerable communities.

Kevin's Blog Post

An imposter in the world of snakebite?

I often feel like something of an imposter in the world of snakebite. I didn’t start from a position of wanting to ‘save the world’ nor did I come into...

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