Moses Aron

Public Health Specialist / Statistician

Partners in Health

(Rumphi, Malawi)

Moses is a public health specialist and statistician with over six years of experience in Clinical and Community Health Monitoring, Evaluation and Research settings in rural Malawi. Moses is a talented and self-motivated team leader with expertise in the use of computer programs and the application of statistical concepts, methods and models. Moses’ research interests include, Neglected Tropical Diseases, specifically snakebites and schistosomiasis, HIV and noncommunicable diseases specifically Diabetes and Hypertension in HIV populations.

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Moses's Blog Post

Snakebite hungered my family in Malawi and lead me to act

Growing up in rural areas of Northern Malawi, farming had been a daily activity. I and my family had been used to wake up early in the morning around 4...

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