Demsy Audu

PhD Candidate in Medical Sociology

Federal University of Lafia

(Lafia, Nigeria)

Demsy Audu is from Nigeria and is a Ph.D Candidate in Medical Sociology, from the Federal University of Lafia in Lafia, Nigeria. Demsy is also a 2020 RSTMH small grant winner. Born on 2nd July 1984, married to Plenitas Nguseer, and has 3 lovely children (Jason, Jotham, and Jether). Demsy is well published in learned journals and NTDs, gender, reproductive health and research are his areas of interests.

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Demsy's Blog Post

A career inspired by the memory of my uncle

My uncle was bitten by a snake in 2015. We took him to a local herbalist who claims to have had the treatment for snakebite. He treated my uncle for...

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