Delese Mimi Darko


Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana

(Accra, Ghana)

Mimi is head of Ghana’s national Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) which is a government agency response for the inspection, certification and proper distribution of foods, food products and drugs in the country. She is also the first female in its history to hold this important role.

Under her leadership, Ghana currently has one of the region’s strongest national medicines regulatory systems, supporting the government in its pursuit towards universal health coverage (UHC) and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Mimi was a member of the WHO’s Global Snakebite Envenoming Working Group supporting the development of the WHO global strategic plan on snakebite envenoming which was launched in 2019.

Delese's Video

As the CEO of Ghana's Food and Drug Administration, we honor Delese Mimi Darko for her dedication to tackling snakebite envenoming, she is indeed, a Women Champion of Snakebite.

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