José Rafael de Almeida

Associate Professor

Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam

(Tena, Ecuador)

José Rafael de Almeida is a Brazilian biochemist currently living in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He is an associate professor at the Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam. His efforts are directed at the study of the composition of snake venoms, alternative treatments for snakebites and the application of the toxins as templates for obtaining active-membrane peptides. His main objective is to ensure quality of life, reducing the impact of tropical diseases in Amazonian communities through science. From the jungle, his dedication is focused on training professionals with an interest in toxinology and biochemistry capable of multiplying efforts to tackle relevant medical challenges.

Why I Chose Snakebite:

Inspired by the high biodiversity and cultural richness of Ecuadorian Amazon communities, our group uses science as a tool to generate social impact and train young researchers. These challenges drive us to promote snake conservation and to lead the study of venom toxins as life-saving therapeutics.

José in the field in the Ecuadorian Amazon.