Joanne Jepkemei

Biomedical Scientist / Masters Student in Epidemiology

Kenyan Medical Research Institute / Centre For Microbiology

(Nairobi, Kenya)

Joanne’s journey as a scientist really began at the age of ten, when her aunt fought for her life after being bitten by a venomous snake, and luckily survived. Joanne has just received a grant from the Hamish Ogston Foundation and the Global Snakebite Initiative. Her project aims to identify socioeconomic and cultural factors leading to sustenance of snakebites in Kenya. This will range from knowledge gaps in handling snakebites, risks posed by the community, and case management including identification of morbidity and mortality due to snakebites.

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Joanne's Blog Post

The inspiration for my research on snakebites

Having been brought up in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, interaction with snakes was part of our livelihoods and snakebites were a common occurrence, with access to medicine being...

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