Hiral Naik

African Program Manager / Conservationist and Herpetologist

Save the Snakes

(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Hiral Naik is a wildlife conservationist and researcher with a passion for reptiles and amphibians. She graduated with an MSc in Ecology and Conservation from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. Her research focused on the evolutionary ecology of diet in the snake family Lamprophiidae. Growing up in Zimbabwe, India and South Africa, Hiral spent much of her time outdoors, which ignited her love for the natural world. She has worked with various environmental organisations to implement education and research projects to conserve wildlife and mitigate human-wildlife conflict. Her interests are broad, spanning from conservation biology and herpetology to utlising technology and media platforms to find new ways to save species and their habitats. Hiral is currently working on snake conservation and education projects in South Africa and hopes to do a PhD next year focusing on snake ecology. Her goal is to work with snakes and contribute to a better understanding of them and to increase awareness about snakes both in Africa and around the world.

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Education as a means to combat snakebite

For many years, much of the focus in tackling the snakebite crisis has been on snakebite management, including developing antivenoms and understanding the properties of venom. However, it is becoming...

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