Jacinta Njeri


Reptile Study Group

(Nairobi, Kenya)

Jacinta is passionate about reptile conservation and her work is focused towards reducing human-snake conflict by raising awareness on the need of conserving them and ways to avoid snakebites.

She currently facilitates the running of the Reptile Study Group in Kenya, an education initiative that provides training, support and mentorship to students interested in finding solutions to the snakebite epidemic. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the sessions have been virtual, which has helped to reach out to more people. With the majority of the students coming from snake-infested areas, Jacinta believes that by empowering them with the correct information, they will be able to teach their community members on how to co-exist peacefully with snakes.

Other Ways to Connect:

Organization email: reptilestudygroupke@gmail.com


Jacinta's Video

Jacinta discusses why she chose a career in snakebite and what she'd doing on the ground in Kenya to save lives.