Dr. Peris Njoki

Veterinary Epidemiologist / County ER Preparedness and Response Officer

University of London Royal Veterinary College

(Kitui County, Kenya)

Peris Njoki is a veterinary epidemiologist with five years of professional experience working with both local and international non-governmental organizations in the public health sector, specifically zoonotic and neglected tropical diseases. She currently works as an emergency preparedness and response officer primarily in operationalization of the public health emergency operation center (PHEOC) in Kitui county. Previously, Peris was engaged in an anthrax surveillance program covering 19 counties in Kenya. As an epidemiologist, Peris focuses on utilizing data to facilitate evidence-based decisions that are sustainable. She is also in her second year of Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health MSc. program at the University of London Royal Veterinary College.

Additionally, Peris is the honorary secretary in the Kenya Women Veterinary Association (KWVA) whose mission is to rally women veterinarians, thus creating a unified voice for self-empowerment, optimal animal welfare and human wellbeing. 

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Dr. Peris's Blog Post

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As a veterinarian, I wanted to contribute to the perception of snakes in my community. The majority of Kenyan residents are pre-conditioned to kill snakes upon confrontation, this is mainly...

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