Paula de Oliveira

Antivenom Researcher / Epidemiologist / Community Educator

National Scientific Research Center

(Luanda, Angola)

Paula Regina Simões de Oliveira is one of Angola’s leading experts on snakebite. She is the Dean at the University of Katyavala Bwila’s Faculty of Medicine. Her expertise covers epidemiology, treatment, clinical syndromes and community education. Paula has developed educational programs for HCW’s in the diagnosis and treatment of snakebites as well as community awareness and education tools for local populations. Paula is also involved in studies on local Angolan snake venoms and researches local snake distributions of the country.

Paula has participated in over 70 scientific events, 7 research projects and 15 scientific articles includes authoring a book and co-authoring 2 books. She was also presented 2 gold medals for her work at the innovation fair in Nuremburg, Germany in 2015.

Paula's Video

Watch Paula's story and you'll quickly understand there is nothing she doesn't do to save lives and limbs in Angola! A true hero to those suffering in her country.

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