Vishal Santra

Herpetologist, Educator, Administrator, Project Supervisor

Society for Nature Conservation Research and Community Engagement

(Nalikul, West Bengal, India)

Vishal grew up in the northeast of India, where his interests in snakes germinated. He traveled to West Bengal for further studies, where those same interests took prominent shape. He soon realized that conserving snakes will only be possible if he can prevent snakebites and provide answers for the many questions pertaining to snakebite in India. This led him to forming a registered society that works towards human-snake conflict mitigation, conservation, research, and community engagement. He has developed important collaborations and associations with some of the leading organizations and institutes working on the snakebite problem. In this capacity, he has been leading many snakebite projects in different regions of the country.

Vishal's Blog Post

The complexity of the snakebite crisis in India became clear when my phone rang

I started off as an excited kid with lots of questions about snakes, while trying to understand why people kill them on sight. As I grew up, oblivious about the...

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