Libia Sanz

Technical Specialist

Instituto of Biomedicina de Valencia

(Valencia, Spain)

I am Libia Sanz and about 20 years ago I began to work in the Evolutionary and Translational Venomics group, led by Professor Juan Calvete at IBV-CSIC, Valencia (Spain). During the last decade, we have developed omics platforms for deciphering the toxin composition of snake venoms (“venomics”) and for assessing the immunorecognition capacity of antivenoms towards the toxins from homologous and heterologous medically relevant venoms (“antivenomics”). This information, which is crucial to optimize the mixtures of immunogens to generate improved antidotes, has been officially endorsed by the WHO in its Guidelines for the preclinical assessment of antivenoms. I feel really proud to be part of this team where my daily work contributes to improving snakebite treatments.