Shyamala Mathavi


National Snakebite Initiative

(Erode, Tamilnadu, India)

Shyamala Mathavi a snakebite activist fighting snakebite on the frontlines in the high-risk agricultural & rural communities of southern India.

In 2013, Shyamala won a UN-Habitat Recognition Award for her comprehensive direct-impact activities as solutions through at her “National Snakebite Initiative” such as

  • Daily snakebite victim case studies and advocacy
  • Snakebite investigation, documentation and victim welfare support
  • Rural awareness and educational outreach
  • “Snake Safety Officer Skill” trainings
  • Establishing “Snake Safety” zones

Shyamala has worked to scale-up towards the establishment of a Snakebite Rehabilitation Training & Information center to facilitate and bridge the gap between the international pioneers, researchers and rural victim.

Twitter:  @ShyamalaMathavi

Shyamala's Video

A snakebite nearly cost her husband's life - motivation that called Shyamala, and her husband to save lives in Tamil Nadu, India.