Doãn Uyên Vy

Attending Physician / Medical Toxinologist

Cho Ray Hospital

(Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

I am Dr. Doãn Uyên Vy, they call me Dr. Vanessa and I am part of a team of physicians from Cho Ray Hospital, Saigon, Vietnam. We work at the Department of Tropical diseases and we very often meet cases of snakebites.

There are about 1000 cases of snakebite every year that were admitted to our hospital. Patients are mostly from the provinces of the south of Vietnam.

Our goals in snakebite issue:

Helping and treating patients with the right antivenom quickly as soon as possible to prevent complication and amputation for severe cases.

We hope that we can contribute more and expand our experience to the provincial hospitals where they meet these patients firstly, they can treat them effectively and early and educate local citizens about snakebites and the first aids for snakebites.