Dr. Christina Zdenek

Lab Manager / Post Doc

University of Queensland Toxin Evolution Lab

(Brisbane, Australia)

My work on the snakebite burden began 10 years ago and has ranged from public education to pre-clinical antivenom testing. My enthusiastic involvement in snakebite education began in 2010, where I seasonally worked as a venomous-snake education demonstrator along the east coast of Australia for 8 years, educating the Australian public on best snake practices, snake identification, and snakebite first-aid. Since 2015 I’ve been working in The Toxin Evolution Lab at The University of Queensland, improving our understanding of venoms and identifying gaps in antivenom coverage. My ultimate purpose is to use science to promote a better world, for humans and for wildlife.

Christina's Video

You can tell Christina absolutely loves what she does! As a researcher and Post Doc, Christina has spent five years researching snake venoms and has spent eight years educating the Australian public on snakebite first aid and these amazing creatures.

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