Snakebite: A Global Health Crisis Not to Be Forgotten

In 2018, International Snakebite Awareness Day was born when the world needed to know about this mostly ignored crisis. But awareness and action needed more than just one day. As the global community focuses on implementing WHO’s global strategy to reduce death and disability by half by 2030, a great deal of the work starts in communities, hospitals and in labs across the globe. You can do your part. Share stories. Use our important prevention materials in communities. As one, we can all make an impact!

Up to

Die Anually

disabled and maimed annually

Meet The Champions

2020 Women Champions of Snakebite

Celebrating Women Champions of Snakebite

On this 3rd annual International Snakebite Awareness Day, we’re proud to celebrate the unsung veterans and young minds, who day in and out, across all corners of the globe, tirelessly do all of the above. These ‘Women Champions of Snakebite’ are who we celebrate. Share their stories and give them the recognition they deserve. Support their work. Collaborate. Be a part of change to save lives and limbs.

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