Jackeline Alger

PhD / Snakebite Advocate / Author

Faculty of Medical Sciences, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

Jackeline Alger is a remarkable woman. From clinician to conducting laboratory and field work on parasitic diseases such as malaria, Chagas disease and other infectious diseases (and more recently, studying the impact of Zika and COVID-19 on pregnancy), she remains passionate about health research, teaching and capacity building. Health inequity, particularly in Honduras, is at the forefront of all that she does – a fact that led to her receiving prestigious recognition as Honduras Physician of the Year in 2019.

As an expert in tropical medicine, Jackeline has experience supporting the clinician treating snakebite patients, as well as encouraging research in clinical effects of snakebite and promoting national and international collaboration. She has the distinguished honor of hosting the World Premiere screening of the snakebite documentary “Minutes to Die” to a packed audience in Honduras in 2017.

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