Abul Faiz


Toxicology Society of Bangladesh (TSB)

(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

I’ve worked in different capacities since 1978 and obtained a PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, in 1993. During my long career, I held positions as Professor of Medicine, Director General, the Principal of Dhaka Medical College, and Dean of Medicine, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Being a leading tropical medicine and public health expert, globally recognized for research achievements on malaria, snakebite and poisoning, I was a research collaborator for two decades working in diverse fields primarily on malaria and snakebite. I was the Co-Chair of the WHO Snakebite Envenoming Working Group and the President of the Toxicology Society of Bangladesh.

Abul's Blog Post

The early cases I witnessed that guided my work

I received my PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in 1993 based on research on ‘Neuromuscular effects of the venom of Russell’s viper. On return, I joined...

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