Naoual Oukkache

Head, Venoms and Toxins Laboratory

Institut Pasteur of Morocco

(Casablanca, Morocco)

Dr Naoual Oukkache leads the Venoms and Toxins Laboratory at the Pasteur Institute of Morocco. Driven by passion, Naoual excels in animal venoms and antivenoms focusing on proteomics, pharmacology, antibody engineering and preclinical studies.

She trained and collaborates with several institutes including Marseille University of Medicine, Butantan Institute, Cuernavaca Biotechnology Institute, Kuala Lumpur Monash University; as well as the Albila, Atheris and Bioclon companies. Naoual currently participates in clinical studies and develops innovative antivenoms.

Dr Oukkache coauthored +30 publications, is editorial board member of journals, a member of scientific committees and societies, coordinates international grants and supervises Masters and PhD students.

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Naoual's Blog Post

Let's synergize our efforts to save lives

My name is Naoual Oukkache. I am the head of the Venoms and Toxins laboratory at the Institut Pasteur of Morocco. My team’s activity revolves around the characterization of snake...

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