Choti Singh

Herpetologist / Board Director at Save the Snakes

Save the Snakes

(Mfuwe, Zambia)

Choti Singh grew up in rural Zambia. Her fascination with snakes, combined with compassion for all animal life flourished in the wilderness, where she roamed when not in school. She continues conservation endeavours with Save The Snakes (a US-based NGO promoting the conservation of snakes, and mitigating human-snake conflict to decrease snakebite incidences). The indelible impression of her childhood homeland beckoned and she returned to live in Zambia. Choti is a trained venomous snake handler, to enable removal from rural homes and relocation into safer locations, for both snake and human. An enduring passion, acted upon.

Choti's Blog Post

Following my passion and living my dream in rural Zambia

My mission is to protect snake populations in Zambia through education and community outreach, and to create a harmonious relationship between humans and snakes. As a culture deeply rooted in...

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