Anita Malhotra

Reader (Molecular Ecology and Evolution)

School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University

(Bangor, Wales, U.K.)

Dr Anita Malhotra is a Reader at Bangor University in Wales, UK. Born and brought up in India, she is a molecular geneticist, evolutionary biologist and herpetologist who has worked all over Asia on elucidating the evolutionary relationship, species boundaries and distributions of pitvipers, venomous snakes that cause the majority of bites in many countries. More recently, she has been concentrating on bringing together an interdisciplinary team to help improve the snakebite situation in India at many levels, from promoting prevention to improving antivenom formulation.

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Anita's Blog Post

Do we need to understand snakes and people better in order to tackle snakebite?

Most of my postdoctoral career (spanning a few decades now) has been spent studying the cause of snakebite, venomous snakes. My colleagues and I specialise in using modern morphometric and...

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